With a combined 20 years experience, we have created what we feel is the platform that will take the quality of sound in worship to the next level. 


Our Mission

 We want to reach audio engineers to equip them with the knowledge and techniques that we use on a daily basis to achieve great sounding mixes. We want to educate and empower front of house and monitor engineers everywhere to get the highest caliber mixes possible. We are tasked with an incredible mission to make worship sound great, and Mix-U by Worship Sound Guy exists to help every engineer, no matter how educated or experienced, accomplish that mission with ease. Thanks for being a part of a better sounding Sunday!

No one goes home humming the light show.
— Dave Rat

Our Goals

What We've Achieved

  • Capturing & recording what we feel are the pillars of quality sound every engineer needs to know.
  • Packaging our real-world knowledge, resources, and networks into an easy access platform just for you. 
  • A combined 20+ years in (mostly) successful church audio
  • To keep an up-to-date video library gull of tips and tricks and techniques you can use today.
  • To use our network to bring you exclusive content on what the pro's are doing and how they're doing it!
  • To be a go-to resource for becoming a better worship sound guy. 
  • To take care of our subscribers!