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Live event production, touring audio, system design, consulting, training, and studio post production. For the last 10 years, I've worked hard to leave a trail of fully satisfied clients. In all the spheres of the industry I've had the privilege of working in, I make it my goal to leave my clients better off after having worked with me. Instead of making my clients reliant on me, I enjoy enabling them to reach their creative goals by sharing my knowledge and leaving them with the tools they need to succeed. Read a little bit of my story below!


I began my professional audio career while finishing up high school in Houston TX. In late 2009 I founded "Equip Studios". A project recording studio designed to provide recording services to up and coming bands and help equip them with the knowledge they needed to succeed in the music industry. While running Equip Studios I went to school studying Audio Recording technology to further my experience and knowledge. In 2012 My family and I picked up and moved to Atlanta, GA where I transitioned to working in the live event production world. I found quick success working with many churches and rental houses in the Atlanta area. It didn't take long before I got picked up and had the chance to go out on the road with a few different artists including Christian Pop artists Britt Nicole, and popular R&B acts Darnaa, Keyshia Cole, and Miguel.

After settling down from the touring world, I began working more local in the Atlanta area contracting with various churches like Victory World Church, North Point Community Church, and working as a volunteer audio director at Northland's Church. I found myself drawn to the need for qualified and experienced audio techs in the church community. Alongside contracting my live mixing services, I began to help develop training resources for church audio techs all around.

Most of my time currently is now spent between contracting my live & studio mixing services, as well as performing training and consulting services for clients around the Atlanta area and abroad.